My Name is Aromal Anil, hailing from Kerala a small state in Southern India. I work as a Mechanical Engineer in UAE. For me Photography became a serious hobby back in 2011 when i bought my first DSLR Camera - Canon 550D. I do work as a Part-time photographer and handle assignments which are given to me by my friends and a few other clients. 

Tripsandclicks, is an emerging Travel Blog site intended to give its readers the best possible travel blogging experience with amazing photographs and detailed descriptions on the places showcased through its blogs.

The whole point of this website is also not only to share with you my photography journey through travel blogs, but also to teach you photography and associated photo retouching software's, offer you Photo retouching services, sell photos and finally to keep you updated on the latest camera/photography equipment's that are being used by professional photographers.
                   I welcome all of you to "Trips&clicks", enjoy reading my blogs, do subscribe to my website and contact me for any questions.

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